Friday, June 21, 2013

4 Free Toys Every Child Needs

The last few weeks, I've explored both heirloom toys and toys of a less fancy ilk. Today I'm touching upon a fun topic: Toys that are absolutely, unequivocally free! And these may be the best ones of all....

Who needs a play structure when you have a tree? Trees are way cooler. The challenge of climbing is a built in reward. There are infinite ways to climb, so it's less likely to get boring. And it's a natural habitat, so there's always something new happening - a new animal building its nest, a seasonal change with the leaves. Trees are beautiful, awesome, and tons of fun.

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Cardboard Box
With each new box comes a new world of possibilities. Cut new holes in it. Color it. Paint it. Will it be a stage for a puppet show? A dollhouse? A racetrack? Anything goes!

Toilet Paper Tubes
There are so many ways to use a toilet paper tube. Make them into puppets, a car, or use them to plant seedlings. Here's a great tutorial with more interesting ideas.

Mud is nature's playdough. It's a critical ingredient in everything from mud pies to magical potions. Not necessarily a parent's favorite thanks to its messy tendencies, but definitely ranks up there for kids. Luckily, children are washable.

Are there any free toys you'd add to the list?